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Choices and Habits

Last week I posted that the challenge was not to change but our challenge was to reach our potential.  This weeks blog is perhaps an attempt to build on that a bit more.  This week we are going to focus on the choices we make that either affect us for the better or the worse.

It was Tuesday evening and I was still doing my victory lap from losing 8lbs the previous week.  I did my workouts 5 days and was pretty excited about my results so I did the worse possible thing I could do, I rewarded myself with food.  I grabbed my bag full of my greasy prize and scurried off to eat it in secret.  After I finished the last bite of my carb-loaded nightmare I realized how foolish I was.  I was rewarding myself with the very thing that caused me to get in the shape I am in now.  How could I sabotage myself after only a week?

Life is full of choices.  Every day we make the conscience decision “Am I going to eat oatmeal and fruit or am I going to get a greasy biscuit?”  Every day we decide “am I going to work out or am I going to just sit here on the couch?”  We make decisions that can become habits and habits can be good or bad.

Spiritually speaking, we have the opportunity to read our Bible everyday and pray everyday.  I cannot tell you how many times I have used to excuse “I will read tomorrow” or “I just read yesterday.”  These excuses are the start of a bad habit that can cause separation from God.  Imagine applying this to the current challenge.  I could eat one bad meal a day but I am only going to ruin the good habit I have started.  Or I could workout everyday but we can always find an excuse as to why we cannot.  All these excuses do is separate us from our goal.

Will we mess up in life?  Unfortunately, there will be times when we fail but remember that a failure last only as long as you let it.  You can never be successful if you focus on your failures.  So you ate something that you shouldn’t have eaten, do not let it affect the rest of the week or even the rest of that day.  You failed at something in life (ie, anger, lies, etc) do not let that sin affect the way you live.  Ask forgiveness and make a better choice the next time an opportunity arises.  If you cannot forgive yourself you will never reach your potential and believe me this has been my hardest pill to swallow.

This week -4lbs


About pastorshort

I am 26 years old and a pastor at Central Baptist Church in Charleston, WV. I have been preaching for 10 years now and have previous pastor experience.


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